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Installation & maintenance of air conditioning systems

For professional and reliable air conditioning services in Lincolnshire and nationwide, contact Climate Control Ltd.

Comprehensive air conditioning services

We provide a complete service from initial free consultations, to full design, installation, and commissioning followed up by our fully planned maintenance programs.
Domestic installation
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A reputation you can trust

Climate Control Ltd has an enviable reputation for providing a professional and effective installation service and we are justly proud of our many years of installation experience. Our installation teams are focused on meeting your demands and provide an efficient and prompt response to all aspects of air conditioning and ventilation projects.
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Who we serve

We have proven again and again that we are the top choice for installation projects ranging from the smallest domestic application through to £200,000+ projects.

We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations while always providing superior customer service.

Excellent service
Kevin Stevenson and his organisation Climate Control, have always been our preferred vendor for our air-conditioning systems and service. Having worked with a number of other such organisations, I have found their personal service and overall customer approach exceptional! They have always been extremely responsive to existing installation servicing and issues.
Well done Kevin and team!
Jim Carins - Unique Party 
Climate Control Ltd
 Air conditioning services in Lincolnshire and nationwide. 
Call - 01652 640 565
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